911 re s5 login download and setup tips

911.re S5 proxy Introduction

Maybe you are looking for the best socks 5 or vpn providers and wondering which you should choose by maintaining complete anonymity,
Today, 911 proxy servers' topic will cover the whole guide on 911 S5 residential proxy which is one of the best proxy provider.

911.re is one of the largest providers of residential proxies with more than 100 millions residential IPs spread all over the world.

In this guide we're going to learn how to download 911.re software and how to set up the software on different devices. 911.re software configuration is not easy especially for beginners, since 911 S5 is available for download from your account after you have signed up and paid for the subscription.

911 S5 is also one of the networking software primarily used by carders and hackers in carding ecosystem, in this guide we are also going to reveal techniques in carding with 911 S5. You can also check carding introduction tutorial.

How to create 911 login account

To get started visit 911.re and at the top left side of the site, click sign up if you don't have an account, otherwise if you have login credentials you can proceed, Logins!

creating  911 account

In the registration screen enter details required:
this is an example of how the signup information will be put there now choose the number of proxies you want and click on submit
as shown below

 911 account sign up screen
Note: Write down your security question and answers because that is the only way you can restore you account.

911 s5 proxy Payment order with btc lightning

In this step we're going to make payment for the proxy order.
To make payment for your order you'll need bitcoin lightning enabled wallet for faster payment, in this step.

 911 s5 proxy Payment order with btc lightning

911.re registration Order success screen

After successfully payment you can now log in , you will get a successful screen in short details :

Which is The Intent of this tutorial, to take you through step and step on how to set up 911 software on your device.

You have successfully registered an account with us, below is your login info please save this info:
For security reason, You can't change the Security Question and Security Answer after you signed up the account, and this is the only way for resetting your password in the future, Please keep in mind! Before using 911, please note:

You can download 911 software from our site 911.re or 911.gg, login the user panel, and download there.
To unzip password for downloaded Zip file is: 911.re
Please update to the latest WinRAR version and try again if you got file damaged notification.
For how to use 911, please check the video tut on our site's "Software" page. Thank you.

 911 account details

How to login to your 911.re

To Sign in click on Login button and enter your 911 login detail: userName & Password

 how to login to 911.info

If your Authentication is successful you will be redirected to dashboard home page, Now in the next step we are going to download 911 S5 software.

  911 home page

911.re S5 proxy software download

To download the software click on 911 soft download link located on the side navigation.

  911 software download

You will be redirected to this download page, where you have make sure all anti-virus is turned off first before download (you can put it on after installation is complete). • click download • password needed to unzip the software file on pc is 911.re (as shown with second arrow the zipped 911 socks file will ask for a password, use what has being given to you previously (911.re)

How to set up and configure 911.re software on Windows

In this step we are going to run & configure 911 exe software,

After the files have being successfully extracted, To run , open the folder named by version of software "3.37" and run client exe application.

911.re Login on pc

After launching 911.re a logins screen will appear with Username and password input UI and complete slide captcha as shown below.

  911 window login screen

After successful authentication you'll be login to your account. Note: You can only sign to ane account to a single device, nevertheless you can use 911 as portable, considering 911 is portable software.
In the next step we're going to learn how to drag and drop application that we intend to connect to 911 proxy.

How to set up default browser for 911.re S5

After successfully sign in a home screen will show, to use 911 proxy you must add a program which you intend to connect to proxy network, as shown below.

Navigate to the program tab and drag the firefox and Google Chrome browser shortcuts from desktop to the program tab.

  how to drag application on 911

How to select 911.re proxy list

Navigate to the proxy list tab, for example if I want to change the proxy location to jacksonville city, florida state in usa, this how it's done; scroll down the country list, in this case I choose us (usa). I wanted florida state so I typed fl. I then typed full city name. click on refresh for the ip list to update. you can now choose any proxy by double-clicking on it. chosen ip will appear on local proxy.

  how to select socks 5 proxy from list

911.re s5 troubleshooting guide

911.re S5 software should work on all windows versions, If on your system, you can't start 911 or 911 shows your original ip address when you are using a proxy, please try below step by step until its solved:

  1. Most likely it's your Antivirus Active Protection/Real-time protection blocked 911's proxy feature by mistake, You can try to turn off your Antivirus(Norton, 360 etc), or whitelist 911 files. After that, downloading latest version of 911 and try again.

  2. Its possible caused by pieces of software conflicts, So far we know "Utorrent" conflicts to 911's default proxy engine, you need to uninstall Utorrent, and restarting your browsers. We will update the list here when we catch more conflicted softwares.

  3. Its possible your system is not the original copy of Windows from microsoft so its missing some necessary files for 911's default proxy tool to work. Please use proxies instead of the default proxy tool we have, because proxies has better compatibility. here's how to do it : Install "Proxies Standard Edition", Register it(you can google the key or buy from proxies, we don't provide the key dont ask us). From 911 client "Settings" -- "Proxy Tool", Choose "Proxies Standard Edition(More Stable)",

  4. If you tried all the 3 steps above, 911 still doesn't work for you, then it got to be your system issue, please just reinstall your system, please make sure you are using the Microsoft oringinal version of Windows not modified or cracked, And up Windows to date, and try again. Thank you If you have additional questions or concerns please check the "faq" page on our site, If you still cant solve it, please contact support through the Instant Messager shows on our website footer.


We have learned how to set up 911.re proxy and how download 911.re software 2022 guide.