Western Union 2022 carding tutorial and bins

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What's up guys! Today I will expose the latest western union carding methods and best bins.
To card Western Union is easy; you need a Western Union account, CC Fullz, a VPN, spoofer, and sometimes, a voice changer for a successful Western Union carding. You can also read How to make a transfer with Spammed bank logs

Far from the traditional carding methods such as eBay, Walmart or Amazon carding, Wish.com carding, etc., carding Western Union is more convenient as you do not need a shipping address or a picker to complete the carding.
In the sections below, you will discover the tools/requirements to card Western Union and also the latest carding steps for Western Union.

Western Union Carding History

Western Union was founded in 1851 to make money transfers convenient. Of course, the company has helped millions in the world, especially in the Western world to transact in the past without having feeling insecure about where the money is going.
In the early 90s, the popular schemes and money laundering took over the Western Union and thousands of illegal hustlers succeeded in moving dirty money to other countries without a trace. Since Western Union played a huge role as a platform for money laundering, since its inception, carders discovered the gold in Western Union to cashout from clients’ bank accounts using their CC.

When Western Union started supporting electronic money transfer, money order, and wire transfer (wire -wire), carders picked interested in the company. It is, in fact, one of the best sites for the card, but that does not involve shipping any item.
Today, it is a global money transfer industry used legally and illegally, depending on what you intend to achieve. I even wrote about cashing out bank logs with the Western Union, which I am certain you would be interested in. of course, thousands of hustlers are reading the guide currently.
With Western Union, after collecting bank details from a client, you can cashout their bank account instantly.

Prerequisite for carding Western union

To get started with Carding WU, You will need some tools which will aid to your success.

1. Virtual Private Network(VPN) and Socks 5 A virtual private network extends a private network across a public network and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.
Since Western Union requires electronic carding like every carding method, you need software for hiding your IP. If you are using a PC and Firefox browser, get Socks (Socks 4 or Socks 5) and search how to set up Socks online. Typically, I use a VPN, but my VPN is a premium version. If you use a free VPN, I cannot guarantee the anonymity of your IP.

2. Voice changer If the CC is owned by a female, and you are a male, you need a voice changer to change your voice. Simply, search for a voice changer app or software online to fix the problem. You can also read my article on Video cloning software and voice changer with your client

3. Call Spoofer or Forwarding Service If you want to be a bit realistic, get a call spoofer. A call spoofer makes it possible for you to call Western Union and provide information on your money order so that they would not be suspicious of the transaction. Since your mobile number is different from the number registered on the CC, the Western Union becomes suspicious, which is where the call spoofer comes in.

4. Internet Phone Service You may use the anonymous caller feature on Skype. Go to the Manage Features section and click Caller ID. If you do not find the link to deactivate the ID, go to the Caller Identification settings. Click Deactivate Caller ID and your number will not be displayed when you call Western Union.

5. Internet Phone Service You may use the anonymous caller feature on Skype. Go to the Manage Features section and click Caller ID. If you do not find the link to deactivate the ID, go to the Caller Identification settings. Click Deactivate Caller ID and your number will not be displayed when you call Western Union.

6. CC Fullz.

First Name : ANNE
Middle Name : L.
Last Name : TUNNER
Spouse Name :
Father Name :
Billing Address : 26 MAIN ST.
State : MA
Zip Code : 01235
Country : US
Phone Number : 413-685-8195
Credit Card Information :

7. Western Union Account Here you must register your own Western Account or Buy hacked Western Union account
If you use a hacked Western Union account, it makes the transaction easier because the Western Union will not suspect the account much since it has been used for transactions recently. If you use a self-created Western account, it will likely go through a careful assessment by the officials in the Western Union. Regardless of the Western Union account (hacked with logs or new account) you would be using, make sure to know the CC details.

8. Computer or a smart phone. PC is recommendable due to advanced security, for a smart phone for security purpose you are advised to root your phone.

9. Recepient Phone Number.

Western union 2022 step by steps guide

To begin with this method make sure you have above-mentioned tools ready.

  1. Get a valid CC FULLZ, Credit card or Debit card If you do not have CC Fullz, you can hijack a credit card. Note, however, that it is also illegal to hijack another person’s credit card.
    I recommend buying CC Fullz because the vendor would be able to provide you with complete CC information.

  2. VPN, RDP and Socks 5 Connect to a VPN/RDP and use S5 to match CC FULLZ owner location.

  3. Visit westernunion.com After setting up VPN/RDP and proxy to match the location of the card, navigate to the Western Union website. When the website detects the US or a UK IP, it will redirect you to the US webpage. If you are not redirected, select the US on the website. Sign in to WU account

  4. There should be a card already linked to the account, You can also add your own CC (click will open a new window) with the correct BIN on the account, use it to process the transfer.

    A western union representative will call you over the phone to verify that you’re the actual owner who is initiating the transfer. Use the Voice Changer app when talking to their representative.

    They will ask you some questions to which you will need to provide answers. Since you have run a background check on the Western Union account and linked CC so you will know the answers.

Now Follow All the Steps of Carding Mentioned Above. ????


While Carding WU When calls you, do not answer the phone so that you can call them back using call spoofing. Use a voice changer software if your gender is different from the gender registered on the CC. For example, if the CC has a female owner, you need a voice changer to speak like a female if you are a male.

Thank all for reading our carding tutorial.

List of best BINS for Carding

What are BINs(Bank Identification Number) Image result for cards bins The term bank identification number (BIN) refers to the initial set of four to six numbers that appear on a payment card.
Below is a list of best BINs for carding PayPal

Best BINS for carding Moneygram
  • 483316
  • 401375

  • 403250

  • 301999

  • 420767

  • 430463

  • 437366

  • 405663

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