7 step to card Banks logs for gift cards, make 10 -20k 2020 method.

Published Jan 10, 2020 [email protected]

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Welcome to Procarding.com Bank Logs for E-gift cards carding where you'll learn how to card bank logs successfully. Beginning carders ask me: how to card bank logs? Today I will teach you about 7 step how to do it We will card bank logs, using the purchased bank logs

Gift cards cardng with Bank logs tutorial

Before you can use my method successfully, you need to have all the required tools from the right source. It will aid your successfully cashout without chargeback or any other hitches.

Follow the following easy step by step guides:

  1. GET US / UK / CC's Get cc fullz from us

  2. Cofigure your system (ccleaner, Mac address changer, download dns through cmd, socks that match the cc postal address, change the time zone and keyboard language to the ip location time zone of socks)

  3. Verify anonymity at: Whoer.net Check2ip.com Whatleaks.com Doileak.com

  4. After completing the anonymity check, check the status live on Netflix they won't kill

  5. Create a Gmail or Outlook account with the cc holder details

  6. Go to e-gifter.com and load 2 to 3 different GC cards or any other of your choice, but keep it different and below $ 100 for the first placement

  7. Then finish the purchase (NOTE: you can continue as guess)or Create an account with them better still commplete the billing details correctly and finish the purchase "Thank you" is what you should receive And the e-cards are sent in 10 minutes by email. If cc is still live, hit it again and enjoy your egift cards

Method 2

If you got an ACH log then it more preferably to try with it

  1. Go to egiter.com
    and create an account with them & after creating go to buy bulk you'll see an icon like why are you buying & what for (we buying for staff's rewards that'll) how do you get us fill properly.

  2. Choose a method to pay if ACH, wire or .. but ACH preferly. Then fill you'll be ask to input a company fullz like tax ID and stuff Google that . Then after all that submit and with this you can get GC worth 10-20k depends on your log.

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