How to Setup 911 VPN/S5 in PC

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What is 911 proxy?
911 SOCKS 5 is the largest business residential proxy service. Access to millions of quality clean/fresh residential IPs in every city in the world with unmetered bandwidth and no expiration date.

Get started with 911 S5 Proxy setup tutorial

  1. Go to and click on LOGIN Input the logins you have bought.

    911 login page ui for carding
    Figure 1.0:

  2. After getting logged in the Homepage. Click on Download, You can choose any of the download buttons, either the green or red.

     911 vpn download UI for carding
    Figure 1.2: 911 application download buttons

  3. Now, some browsers like google chrome or ones with antivirus might prevent u from downloading the software. Nd this will show ⚠ .. if u face this issue, just use another browser or Turn off ur Antivirus and now the 911 software downloaded succesfully.
    So i recommend you all to use Mozilla Firefox it is the best browser for carding and it easily let u to download that file.

    911 ui for carding
    Figure 1.3 : 911 software download buttons

  4. After downloading just open the Zip file and Extract it. When u open that extracted file u will see the bunch of folder and file like this. Note- Dont delete anything from these folder❌ This type of Tab will come up and asking for Login and pass again, Just putt ur log in and pass successfully.

    Figure 1.4: 911 exe application file extract file.
    911 application running

    Figure 1.5: running 911 exe application

  5. When you login the 911 logins , the first page you come to under Program you will have to DRAG your browsers(google chrome, Firefox etc) to this place, it easier to drag it From desktop to this place.
    I just dragged the Firefox and google chrome shortcut from my desktop to the 911 Program tab as seen in pic 2nd.

  6. Now click on the Proxy list its next to program tab.
    a, On the ProxyList tab, Just set the country of CC owner. then set the state and city(State and city must match the zip code of CC owner) then click on Refresh to give the options to choose from..
    b, This is UserAgent tab, here is optional but u can choose any of the browsers here so it will look like u are accessing the Internet with that browser, then click on Set UserAgent. Now all set :)

     911 proxy list
    Figure 1.8: 911 proxy selection


911 poxy are one of the most best proxy providers recommendable for cyber privacy.
For buying Subscription of 911 you have to spend 24-30$ btc. And choosing a plan within 120 minutes or else registration get cancelled.
Thanks for reading.

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