How to use spammed cc for carding steam gift cards.

Updated on: 05 March, 2022

Steam gift cards cash out method guide

Welcome all again to our new steam gift card carding 2021 tutorial, In our post we are going to learn how to card a Steam Gift Cards with a valid cc, debit or a prepaid card. I will also reveal a new way used by carders to cash out Steam gift cards to bitcoin, how to cash out steam code to btc or any other currency. and legit vendors who sell carding tools.

Cadring steam gift cards
Figure 1.0 Steam gift card.

Required tools for carding steam gift cards and where to get them.

The following are tools required to card a steam gift cards:

1. Virtual Private Network(VPN), - A virtual private network extends a private network across a public network and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

vpn for carding flights
VPN example

You might be wondering why we need a VPN to card steam gift cards, a VPN helps keep your connections secure and protects your device from prying eyes

Recommended VPN for carding Steam gift cards:
  1. Windscribe Available for pc and mobile Link windscribe
  2. Nord VPN Available for pc and mobile Link Nord vpn
  3. Express Available for pc and mobile Link Express
  4. Cyber Ghost Available for pc and mobile Link Cyber Ghost
  5. Hide Myass Available for pc and mobile Link Hide Myass

2. Socks 5 or RDP (RDP preferred) - SOCKS 5 is an Internet protocol that exchanges network packets between a client and server through a proxy server. SOCKS is an abbreviation of "SOCKet Secure". SOCKS5 optionally provides authentication so only authorized users may access a server.

We use Socks5 while carding steam gift cards to match our location as that of cc holder.

3. UK, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands CC Fullz - To card steam you'll need a valid cc fullz with good balance, Buy a valid non vbv cc from vendors CC STORE .

4. Mail address, G-mail or Yahoo mail. - You must a create a mail account matching cc holder details. e.g. [email protected] We will use this email e mail to register account and for account verification.

5. Computer or a smart phone. - PC is recommendable due to advanced security, for a smart phone for security purpose you are advised to root your phone.

Where to buy this carding tools

Let's get started carding Steam gift cards

  1. In first our steam gift card carding step, You must Prepare valid cards, find some non vbv card from these countries, Iceland, Turkey, Japan, Peru or using some USA & Canada that can make the password like this boxes 415747, etc.

    Buy bank logs from they sell good cc but quiet expensive

  2. Make new e-mail with with card information

  3. Connect to VPN/RDP (without dns leak) and pick country (enable kill switch) Find Clean Socks5 ( Never use vip72 socks for carding) the same as the country of cards [ note : check your socks quality on and make sure your anonymity score is 100% and ip is not blacklisted.

  4. Set the computer / phone time as well as the country time of the card, Time Zone.

  5. Using Mozilla, put socks5 on it . Better if you have antidetect/fraudfox. (you can buy fraudfox from me) ADDON THAT GONNA HELP : FOXYPROXY ; USERAGENTSWITCHER (change your browser fingerprint)

  6. Visit Steam

    Go to website make 1 order under <$ 100 value, go to basket> Checkout> Choose Payment> Choose Skrill> Pick Visa / Mastercard Registration / Registration> using card information + new email> confirm link in email

    After registering, wait about 1-2 hours. Remember to act like normal buyer , if you act suspicious you'll get banned or your order won't go through.

    Open your browser again and visit the site. Add item to your cart and proceed with Checkout Note: for your first steam gift card purchase keep price under 500$.

  7. Steam Carding Methods successful order

    You will receive your request in an email.You will receive your Steam Gift Code within 5 minutes.For Converting Into Bitcoin you can exchange this gift code for Bitcoin on or

    Steam cards carding method Conclusion

    As you you can see how easy Frauds stars use this method to cash out cc to btc. in a nutshell this is how Steam carding ecosystem operates, carders use spammed cc to make an authorized transactions Card not Present(CNP), where they buy Steam e-gift cards which they later exchange for crypto currency.

    I would like to know if you have any question on Steam Carding 2021 method, feel free to PM us.

    Thank you for reading our post. We will keep on updating steam gift card carding method.

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